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Avoid cages with wire flooring. (Hay, Food, Bedding & More), How To Treat Guinea Pigs For Fleas? I am an Animal Nutritionist by education but a pet blogger by profession. Créer un compte. In a pinch, a teaspoon of common salt can be diluted in a pint of warm water (per V.C.G. In-Depth Understanding Of All Aspects Of Their Diet, List Of Vegetables And Fruits Guinea Pigs Can Eat, Importance Of Vitamin C and Calcium+ How To Balance It, Water For Your Guinea Pig (How It Can Lead To Bladder Stone), 4 Complete Diet Chart To Follow With Veggie List, Learn All About Setting Up Perfect Living Environment, Understand Common Behavior And How To Deal With It, An Insight On Common Health Problems And What To Do About It, A Complete Care Guide To Keep Your Guinea Pig's Healthy and Happy, Covers All The Practical Aspect Of Keeping Guinea Pigs, Printed On Good Quality White Paper With Glossy Cover. also what behavioral changes should i expect? Necrosis of a guinea pig stomach after contact with povidone-iodine J. Morphol. The active ingredient ' Iodine ' in Betadine doubles as a fungal treatment. Having a guinea pig first aid kit in place can be critical, especially when it comes to saving your guinea pig’s life in case of any medical emergency. If you do not have Betadine, salt water can be used. Betadine - Betadine has been proven very effective in the treatment of fungal conditions in guinea pigs. However, when they do occur, it is usually the result of bacterial infections such as pneumonia or other respiratory diseases. DO NOT USE NEAR THE EYES. Yes you can use Betadine solution (not the scrub). There are a few other anteseptic solutions which can be … They may also need bandaging to help stop scratching. If left untreated, bumblefoot can cause an infection of the bone that can leave permanent swelling and create ongoing care for the rest of a guinea pig's life. Styptic powder. Cardiac Puncture (Non-survival) 1-25 mL YES The guinea … Pododermatitis - Caused by … You can either buy a pre-made first aid kit like ARCA first aid kit for pets from amazon and add in a few extra supplies needed. Bathing guinea pigs twice a week in Malaseb shampoo can also help to … Chlorhexidine (a non-prescription product) is widely used in veterinary offices for cleaning open wounds. Connexion. This can cause problems with their teeth and their gut. Bepanthen First Aid Cream can be used for the treatment and prevention of infection in minor cuts, wounds, abrasions, and insect bites. Is this normal, is it most likely to be sweat glands.. should i be worried? As soon as your guinea … My other girl, Sugar, an albino guinea pig seems to be having health issues. In the context of an animal research project, a Nissen operation was performed in an adult male guinea pig. The average life span of a guinea pig is 5 to 7 years. There are several breeds of guinea pigs with short, straight and smooth hair, such as the American, the Crested, the Teddy and Rex - in any case regardless of the breed and even the length of hair. Before you read further, Here are some of our popular books that provides you great value. Verified. Some guinea pigs can live till 9 or 10 years. Yes, Betadine is entirely safe for your guinea pigs. A sudsing cleanser that contains 7.5% povidone-iodine. Do consult your vet first though even if only to determine if the problem can be treated or is a pressure point one that may be on going. Pages connexes. ~2-3cc betadine; Instructions: Soak the T-cross area of the drainage sponge with ~5cc dilute betadine solution. Josephine recommends a sterile saline solution for flushing abscesses. Can be alternated with povidone iodine soaks. The pig might also show signs of discomfort, trying to scratch or rub the … In any such scenario, you will definitely need something to treat their wounds or illness and a well maintained first aid kit … The hair on the skin around the mandible and and CT-treated groups at the end of weeks 3 and 6. neck regions of the guinea pigs was shaved, and the skin was scrubbed with betadine to promote asepsis. Ralph M. Bunte, DVM, in his article on . QLD Guinea Pig Refuge. Ulcerative pododermatitis, also known as bumblefoot, is an extremely painful infection of the footpad. Si la litière devient humide, le cochon d'Inde aura les pattes mouillées. Satisfied Customers: 22,008. Don’t soak the whole sponge. Polydactyly-new page; Torn Nails-new page; Spurs-new page; Pododermatitis-new page; Links to Treatment of Pododermatitis in Guinea Pigs & Other Species Dr. Nakamura offers his advice on pododermatitis in guinea pigs. I have never seen her scratch or tilt her head but after reading online I assumed it was a fungal infection. Richardson in Disease of Domestic Guinea Pigs) and used to rinse injuries if an antiseptic solution is not available. Fresh greens like broccoli, cabbage or spinach are great things to feed and carrots make a satisfying occasional treat. Guinea-pigs. 1 Joan, Vet Technician. Female guinea pigs (sows) typically mature sexually at 2 months of age (55 to 70 days). link to Is It Worth Getting Pet Insurance For Guinea Pigs? It is Steam extruded to unlock the full nutritional value of its ingredients, Economix Active is fortified with … Foot pads become swollen and have open sores that can bleed and easily become infected. if you take bleach and dilute it to 1:10 with water or enilconazole (0.2%), this ratio will kill most of the organisms from ringworm.

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