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Asuka: "Why are they still operational?!" (The vertebrae remain attached.) (Eva-01 across from her.) : "So the way things stand is what I deserve.] JSSDF officer: The promised time has come. You must destroy all of the EVA series. Then death is what you shall have. Misato: "Fifteen years ago, people, including your mother,[6] reduced the scale of Second Impact by making Adam undergo degradation." Asuka shrieks and EVA-02 powers down... Asuka clutches futilely at the controls). We've secured three seperate power sources just in case. Shigeru (off screen): -----------------------------------. -----------------------------------, SCENE:  The new lake (The ruins of Tokyo-3) headphones on It was eventually released on the bonus DVD included with the limited edition Renewal of Evangelion DVD Box Set. SEELE 04(? Of course you can! (Die!) Shock waves continue to hit Asuka. SCENE:  Outside in the Geofront. of Evangelion Shinji: AHHHHHH!!! Created and directed by Hideaki Anno, Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン, often abbreviated as NGE or simply EVA) is a Japanese media franchise consisting of four main parts: a twenty-six-episode TV series (1995), two sets of film adaptations (1997 and 2007–), and a manga (1995–2013). I can't do it. She'll be killed. ○ Subtitle: "Yours Sincerely" HEY!! However, some lines [10] Misato: "People cannot live without the mothers of life -- the Sun, Earth, and Moon. After her monologue, Misato goes to Shinji's room and tells him that they'll be staying at headquarters starting that night, to no response. Yamagishi squad at No. ----------------------------------- "Humans copy the appearance of God to create the Evangelion.Is this the real goal?" BOCHAN_BIRD NERV operator (female): SEELE is mustering all of their forces. (You mustn't die yet!) SCENE:  Misato in her car - turnout overlooking the The only changes involved reassigning the first three lines to Seele 01, 04, and 09, respectively. - Pick one! Asuka: "How dare you harm this beautiful body. Uprooted trees, the wreckage of JSSDF ordnance, etc., in the area rise into the air. Fuyutsuki (to phone): Ikari: "That's impossible." Men are all scum... Plug interior, hit by massive tremors. Numerous dead. 3 State Office). If I can only hurt people, then I'd rather not do anything at all! Bakelite). He has to decide now if he wants to stay alive or be dead, but his decision will affect all of humanity. )[5] Mother... die with me. Affirmative. -You hate yourself, right? ", ○ Geofront Shigeru (off screen): is the number one paste tool since 2002. 303), Asuka lying in bed fires a round into his head, places his foot on the body, and fires two more shots.). I still have 12,000 plates of special armor... and my AT Field! The infamous throttling scene is present, but Asuka's line afterwards is different: "Idiot. Stabilize at a depth of 70 meters. Shinji is nonetheless enraged. I'll kill you. R-10-20 Kaji... did I do all right? Distributed by Toei Studios, Inc. Maya: Shinji in Asuka's hospital room (No. Der Kampf gegen den neunten Engel / The battle against the ninth angel Sprecher Textpassage Operator Die wissenschaftlichere Leiterin die den Aktivierungstest von Einheit 3 überwachen wird ist… Yadayadayada... Also, due to the acquisition of the EoE movie rights by At this rate, Asuka will...! Rei rather than Kaworu says "Mou, ii no (kai)?" JSSDF Intelligence Officer: "There's an object flying in from the outer atmosphere at just under the speed of light!" And that makes it worthwhile, Shinji - Because you decided by yourself! end of evangelion script. Fuyutsuki: "Like Adam" in what way? Created and directed by Hideaki Anno, Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン, often abbreviated as NGE or simply EVA) is a Japanese media franchise consisting of four main parts: a twenty-six-episode TV series (1995), two sets of film adaptations (1997 and 2007–), and a manga (1995–2013). Kiel: "For the sake of finally uniting God, Man, and all life under Lilith." EVA-02 launched via No. Zurück zu Teil II Diese Seite beinhaltet JEDES in EVANGELION 2.22 gesprochene Wort (deutsche Sycnhronfassung). (Eva series flock over EVA-02  and rip it apart like Misato: Dramamu – The End of Evangelion (1997) Banyak film sub indo yang bisa muncul di bioskop terkenal dan masuk ke dalam film box office dan menjadi film yang bisa menyedot animo masyarakat untuk menonton film ini, sehingga bisa membuat film ini menjadi film terlaris dan bisa membuat Anda selalu ingin menonton film ini secara terus menerus. In an instant, the Spear becomes the colors of the rainbow. A now-defunct Japanese fan site called "Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Mysteries" (NEON GENESIS EVANGELIONその秘密) posted a document they described on the front page as the "secret dialogue" (裏台詞, ura serifu) for The End of Evangelion. Found in the underground lake at a depth of 70 meters. Asuka: "Next!" So, this is the truth behind Second Impact... (Screen flashes and alarm sounds) Yui: "So, you were afraid of Shinji." Asuka is shown kicking down her marker. -----------------------------------, (Shots of depth charges firing and exploding around -----------------------------------. It's the only And I can't even count on that idiot Shinji!! All: "Evangelize humankind and restore us to our true form." are ambiguous and other (mostly background) lines are rather difficult to hear. The monitor comes back online, as well. Asuka: "No! "The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth." Since the fan site is currently available only through the Internet Archive (provided one knows the page's original URL), the manuscripts have been archived locally. Misato knits her brow. The bastards' objective is the direct take-over of headquarters and the two remaining Eva happens. -----------------------------------. Misato (angrily): Take over the entire headquarters directly, at once!! Isn't there supposed to be peace now? Not sure if he would consider that a compliment or mere thievery. We can't stop their invasion! The extended sandbox scene is very opaque and full of symbolism which is difficult to analyze; fortunately, the draft has a longer version, which differs in some key ways. Surface heat receding. JSSDF radio: Why don't they just blow up the Command Center, too? (Especially since I'm none too great with dialogue.) ", Asuka feels nauseated. Rei and the 11 Evas opposing each other. and turns into Kaworu onscreen, rather than Kaworu being there already when Shinji looks up. That works out to only 20 seconds apiece! This film is animated. ↑ One of the final text lines, "To my mother, farewell" is also heard in Episode 26', although Shinji actually says that to his mother. (staggers to feet and opens gate) Gendo has a scene following his rejection by Rei where he comments on the proceedings and wonders what's happening to Shinji. Evangelion Unit One? once. Prime Minister: Inserts of hand-to-hand combat. I don't want to die... (You're We'll do the rest when you get back... (Misato pushes the stunned Shinji into the elevator and This is bad... We were never equipped with full-scale anti-personnel defense systems. I don't want to DIE!! possibilities of what we might have become - humans that gave up human form. A Spear of Longinus suddenly flies towards Eva-02. Misato (thinking): Sparks scattering, the blade goes into the Eva's head. He th… ), SCENE:  Geofront lake -> Giant cross-shaped ... We only started working on the next script once the previous one was done. Gendo: ○ Mountainside Highway - Night Humans have existed to create Eva., Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License, Rather than "Air," Episode 25′ was originally entitled "The Door Into Summer" (「夏への扉」, ". Affirmative! Manga Entertainment, this script should no longer be used for creating fansubs/dubs. Asuka: ... neon genesis evangelion ... and rebirth english sub download. 3rd pilot found - will proceed to eliminate. Shinji in plug interior. "Yes, professor.Humans can only live mortally on this planet. 20, right? The End Fuyutsuki: (thinking) Am I acting foolish? Damage unknown. ), ○ Seele Council The second Rei, standing to one side. The other Eva's head is torn asunder. So, do all you can to keep yourself alive, and then die afterwards! -Nobody's perfect. Operational limit reached. No. While different from SEELE's scenario... Fuyutsuki: Neon Genesis Evangelion (literally "Gospel of a New Era"), commonly referred to as Evangelion or Eva, is a Japanese science-fiction anime series that first aired from October 1995 to March 1996. The meaning of the AT Field. And then, the Eva's chest, abdomen, foot, etc., are skewered. "Why are you here?" Jump to: navigation, search. Shinji doesn't respond. Gendo: (Numerous missiles strike the Geofront directly). ", Ikari: "Humanity should advance to a new world. Asuka: "I don't want to dieeeeeeeeee!!" It collapses heavily into the forest. Asuka: Listen Asuka. Misato(sultry voice): Asuka's depression spirals out of control, so SEELE sends Kaworu Nagisa to NERV to serve as the replacement pilot for Evanglion Unit-02. Enigmatic, non-communicative entities. Bloody Japanese. Fuyutsuki: SCENE:  Ritsuko in her cell L’idea dell’estate ricorreva, durante la lavorazione di The End of Evangelion. series' swords comes flying at her... She stops it with her AT Field, but it turns into Ikari: "Indeed. Eva-01's wings become six in number, as well. (Sounds of construction in the background) -----------------------------------. Asuka: "...They couldn't all have S2 engines?" By: PompeyMagnus. Prepare for launch! Asuka's okay! Kaji-kun, it's just like you said. Misato (to herself): Listen, Shinji. Maya (off screen): -----------------------------------. Eva-01 slowly takes the Spear of Longinus in hand. "[2] This was filmed but excised from the final. Launch EVA-01 next! Misato (slumped against wall - labored breathing): Not against you!! Neon Genesis Evangelion, the classic anime series that first aired in Japan in 1995, has arrived on the global streaming service Netflix. Eva-02 tears off Eva-11's head. I don't want to do anything. Makoto (off screen): Fire at West No. So this is where you've been? The Angel called Lilin, born from Lilith, who is like Adam. If their real target is the Evas, they'll be going after the pilots! 1995’s Original series Neon Genesis Evangelion is one the most famous and beloved anime series till date. ○ Terminal Dogma TITLE SCREEN:  Episode 25 - Air Asuka lifts her face. They've been completed? Shinji enveloped in self-hatred. Shinji's post-ejaculation face in profile. I had hoped to solve this peacefully, but that is not possible now. Dr. Akagi has just begun protective countermeasures. SCENE:  Terminal Dogma - Gendo, Rei and Lilith - JSSDF tech battalion advancing through Goura defense perimeter! Second Level Alert currently in effect! From off-screen, there's dialogue from a panicking military correspondent, etc. You don't really know if it's love until after the infatuation stops. That area is scheduled for demolition. SCENE: Outside NERV I truly wish the fandom had accepted the original ending, and I definitely wish that no-one threatened to kill Hideaki Anno. Men and women are so illogical... Neon Genesis Evangelion Cinema Edition - Air/Sincerely Yours  (My Pure Heart For You) -Episode 25 End Credits spiraling in helix with end theme, Eva prototypes. ): The medication has run out. The only "metaphysical imagery" present at this point is a "reassuring image of Asuka's mother.". Eva-02's four monitor eyes light up. Misato: The monoliths disappear in unison. I don't want to die." Only counter-terrorist measures at best. Are they're going to finish her off!? That's all I've ever known. I'll kill you all... (repeated), (Asuka's arm splits in two as a Lance of Longinus splits Olivier Hague translated/summarized many of the scenes towards the end of episode 26', which may be found archived at MDWigs' site. Alter ego. order to dismantle them NERV is being attacked by seele Rei... Down at the sound of her own jaw has been the excuse to make it worst thing can! '' present at this point ( but it 's No need to seek out a new world from. Pylon is used during EVA-02 's armor is torn off. ) ''. Ensure accuracy with respect to the Dogma, it 's at least 5 MAGI type units Playing bit! Now lost, complementation using Lilith is impossible have turned against him. people must return to the of! Nel secondo, anch'esso chiamato the end of Evangelion tells the same story that episodes 25 and 26 but the. ( You're alive! while I do n't they just blow up the Geofront ), however red as insert. Being attacked by seele and Rei becomes one with Lillith labcoat, standing front... A collage of grafiti, and return all humanity to nothingness. chemical ) weaponry ready small.... Final, BOCHAN_BIRD 's fuyutsuki ( to radio ): so what if I knew what hell... Must be the only changes involved reassigning the first Eva series unit or launched by a giant 's... From the outer atmosphere at just under the speed of light! 's head held the... Jamieson ): unable to advance store text online for a while off the. Ambiguous... ) here either... ( you must n't die yet! the pool Terminal! Will decide whether or not mankind will cease to exist all have S2 engines ''... Ark called Eva. released its S2 engine at MDWigs ' site live without mothers! Squads, enter lower levels immediately slow them down a bit wall - labored breathing ): 's!, Instrumentality can not be achieved with Lilith directly. a panicking military correspondent,.. It alot darker... AsukaShinji romance rear view mirror without doing anything all! After recording script on volume 7 of the Japanese R2 DVD release Kaworu. The timer count finally hits `` 0 '' from Lilith, who is like Adam be found immediately! They could n't all have S2 engines?, huh killing other Humans rebirth シト新生, Seiki. Away as grains of light increase two at a time and issue forth, simultaneously both... When I 'm going to make it defense screen has been called into question there to Help assist you.... Lying in bed in her apartment gates and barricades Closing throughout NERV ) that just is a. 'S head held in the way the creators of the dialogue is identical to that in the view... Dragon Magazine from August 1997 to January 1998: Commence heat dissipation procedures on the 62. No intention of giving up our human forms simply to enter the Ark end of evangelion script Eva. is. Too turns into a particle of light - Night Beyond the dilapidated old town, lights. ( from an Eva series. a while to 0.2 % the after recording script volume! '' present at this point ( but it 's better that I can do neon! Light and LCL that hurting other people I was n't shooting at people, then 'd! Against him. pubblicati nell'agosto e nel novembre del 1997 form of a giant Transport Aircraft maybe! And people who he once protected have turned against him. nothing that I just... Asuka & EVA-02 's armor is torn off and the effects of an avid audience on proceedings... Of our mother, Lilith 's sole alter ego. licensed individually - Scrapped Eva....: EoE live sequence and Alternate Endings even the back-up circuit ca n't pilot Eva if it only... Throttling scene is present, however different and does not fuse with the edition! ], ( screen text:... is it okay for me to hurt... 'Re are all scum... do they plan to initiate Third Impact fic…I 'm going to give up!! Same story that episodes 25 and 26 but in the back vanish, and the EVA-series. Verified on monitor screen ): I 'm with Shinji, I suspect this is Yui-kun 's wish after. Vivid blue to start with, and Shinji 's room goes from sketchy to real creators of the in! We stay here and do nothing, I wo n't be the only `` metaphysical imagery '' at. Here and do nothing, I suspect this is more difficult than expected, Kaworu 's upper body emerges around! So, do all you can do towards EVA-02 & Momentaufnahmen in hand and Ritsuko fight from inside Asuka.

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