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Her nature, appearance, and mood all changed in turn with the phases of the moon. This does not affect character level, as it can be removed easily, however, it does affect the characters Challenge Rating (CR). Powerless, Luna fell victim to the Rod of Oblivion. The key can be used to open a nearby chest that will give you Amulet of Selûne’s Chosen. The story had a few alternate endings. [45][25] Luna hired an older Vajra Valmeyjar, and from the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR onward, she became involved in the adventures of Vajra, Kyriani, Timoth Eyesbright, Onyx the Invincible, and a returned Conner. [4][5] These moon motes occasionally exuded a radiant, sparkling, pearly-hued liquid known as "drops fallen from the moon", which was the holy essence of Selûne and was prized by the faithful. Worshiperalignments Burnished Necklace: Common: N/A: Cherished Locket: Uncommon Furthermore, Thentians saw the whole Moonsea as sacred to the goddess. [30]) In time, Selûne coalesced from the primordial essence, alongside her twin sister, Shar. Amulet of Selûne's Chosen [Baldur's Gate 3 Wiki] Discussions from our smallest wikis are found here! Moonlight Blessing (Su): When in direct Moonlight, The Chosen of Selune gains spell resistence: 25 and Damage Reduction 10/magic. The Feywilds have long stood as a lush green plane of nature and its abudance. Along the way, you might spot the Owlbear Cave next to the river. Conner claimed to be on a mission from a god to protect the child and the Catlord allowed him to carry the child away, and Conner was guided by the foretold signs. Deities of healing or respite (such as Boldrei, Hestia, Mishakal, or Pelor), bravery or protection (such as Dol Arrah, Hajama, Helm, or Ilmater), travel or transition (such as Fharlanghn, Hermes, the Raven Queen, or the Traveler), or the night and dreams (such as Celestian, Morpheus, Nut, or Selune) might grant their clerics the Twilight Domain. The target Lycanthropes must make a save each round the Chosen is speaking. The Chosen never dies of old age, nor physically ages in any way. [6][7][30][29][28][11] This universe was illuminated by the cool radiant face of Selûne and darkened by the hair and welcoming embrace of Shar. The moon, stars, navigation, navigators, wanderers, seekers, good and neutral lycanthropes Formerly: Moon, moonlight, stars, dreams, purity, beauty, love, marriage, navigation, navigators, tracking, wanderers, seekers, diviners, good and neutral lycanthropes, autumn Meanwhile, Shar, who'd retained much of her might, once again grew strong, and was aided by the shadevari. Selûne respected Lathander for his passion, and hoped they could cooperate to shine light on Shar's dark deeds. Rules, Inspiration, Feats, and Roleplaying Details for 50 different Chosen of Faerûn. Many legends were told about her, the central one being her conflict with her sister Shar at the beginning of all things. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Among them were the first Mystra and the second Mystra, who was her greatest ally against Shar since 1358 DR. Eilistraee and Lliira, meanwhile, shared her love of frolicking under the moon. Left to wonder if Edge is alive or dead, Edge's companions Serenity, Misty, and Trinity fear the worst has happened. The chosen gains temporary hit points equal to half the creature's maximum hit points, and the chosen gains all the individual effects of the enhance ability spell for 1 hour. A diversion within the 'Tabula Avatar' universe concurrent with the start of Book 3. Favored weapon 5th Edition Statistics[13][14] Alignment Thus Conner became the guardian of the cat lord's heir. Selûne labored always to thwart Shar's dark plots. [1] Lycanthropy was often known by the euphemism "Selûne's Kiss"; one so touched was said to be "kissed by Selûne". Imgig Zu seized the wand of power and intended to kill the deceived goddess. Avatar Her attempt to negotiate a truce with her sister Selûne goes horribly wrong.... "The Whole of the Moon" by Speakertocustomers Even after parting ways, Selûne continued to have fully cooperative and amiable relationships with Sune and Lliira both. The second Lady of Mysteries was the first to create the Chosen of Mystra, including Elminster, Khelben, and the Seven Sisters. Circle of seven stars around two feminine eyes Pantheon She radiated protection from evil to a distance of a 100 yards (90 meters), and no good summoned creature within this range could be dispelled or banished. Gates of the Moon Her faithful, coming from many walks of life, viewed her in countless different ways, and she reflected this. [1][3][4][5][9][7], She was also ever changing, ageing but ageless. [9] Nevertheless, she was viewed as a calm power circa 1489 DR.[8], Nevertheless, at all times, Selûne was caring and accepting of most beings, and forgiving of most of her followers' faults. For example, a band of adventurers on a night-time raid might make an offering to Selûne for guidance. Read Wiki Page. If the target lycanthrope fails her save against this ability and she is in animal of half animal form, she automatically reverts to humaniod form. Selûne's Dream is a Spell in Baldur's Gate 3.Selûne's Dream is a Cantrip from the Evocation school. Pair of eyes surrounded by seven stars Hers was the moon's mysterious power, the heavenly force that governed the world's tides and a mother's reproductive cycles, caused lycanthropes to shift form, and drew one to the brink of madness, and back again. 25282. [1] Meanwhile, those conceived under moonlight were believed to "have the moon alive within them" and expected to turn to the worship of Selûne. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The twins immediately fell to fighting and were separated only by Selûne, Lathander, and Azuth. [2][4][5] She also made few demands of her followers. Her spells all had a similar appearance, beginning as streaks of moonbeams and only revealing their true effect when they struck. Symbol Harper NPC Bios. [11] Through the moon, she controlled the powers of lycanthropes. [4][9] These shifting personalities made her versatile. Domains Chosen of Selune The Chosen of Selune are similar to Lycanthropes but are Lycanthropes who have passed on but she has returned to the world as her agents. Like the moon itself, the quietly mystical Lady of Silver has many faces. Yet they were so close they saw themselves as one being, known later as the Two-Faced Goddess or the Sisters-Who-Were-One. [43], For a long time, Selûne had chosen to live her life as a mortal woman in the city of Waterdeep. Recently a taint has grown within the glades and glens of the realm. Fri Oct 23, 2020 6:24 am. Chosen is an epic destiny available to characters in a divine class. The moon goddess Elune has been revered by the night elves and several other races since the earliest ages in Azeroth's history. Wizard 30 Cleric 22 Mystic 20 Fighter 16 Bard 12 With Shahar Isaac, Jonathan Roumie, Paras Patel, Noah James. 0. Spells can be used for dealing damage to Enemies, inflict Status Ailments, buff Characters or … These heroes have given me a family I have never known. Beastmaster's Chain - Fewer opportunities for this to work than the Amulet of Lost Souls, but to name a few: Scratch the Dog, the Shattered Sanctum rats, the Druid Grove companion animals, the animals in Sunlit Wetlands. Spheres Once you clear this fortress, you can easily save Druid Halsin and complete the Remove the Parasite quest. Oct 28, 2020 Thomas Mullen rated it it was amazing. Minthara. Selune is many things. Meanwhile, sailors defending the goddess's name in tavern brawls saw their blades glow softly with a pale violet light. Serves Luna confronted her, the other called her deluded and attacked her with spells and finally used the Wand of the Four Moons to knock Luna out. Veiled Moon’s Blessing (Su): The Chosen of Selune gains Darkvision 60ft and Low Light Vision if she did not already have them. Forgetting who she really was, Luna was reinvented as a faithful servant of Selûne and a member of the Lunatics, a fanatic Selûnite order.[25]. Wizard 20 Cleric 20 Bard 9 For example, a Selûnite captured by Sharrans who spied a moonstone ring on one of their fingers would understand there was a spy in the cult. Lycanthropes, whether those of good heart, neutrality, or a few who relished their condition, honored the Moonmaiden as the mistress of their nature. [51], Selûne counted as her allies fellow deities of the moon, beauty, fortune, joy, light, magic, and weather. [6][7][30][29][28] Shar was cast into her darkness for centuries, enabling light and warmth to bathe Abeir-Toril and the other worlds. Although Mystryl was composed of both light and dark magic, she initially sided with Selûne, her first mother, giving her the upper hand. [11] In the middle of the Gates of the Moon, Selûne resided in a shining silver hall named Argentil, a place of beauty, quietness, and moonlight. [1][2][3][4][5][9] Under the subsequent World Tree cosmology, the Gates of the Moon was considered its own plane. They do still need the normal amount of rest to prepare spells. Town Crier. Conjuring of the Second Moon (Shieldmeet); Mystery of the Night (varies) Shar, who treasured the primordial darkness and resented Chauntea’s concept of life, lashed out at her sister, initiating a conflict that has endured to the present day. Alignment Desiring to nurture life on the worlds that formed her body and limbs, Chauntea asked the Two-Faced Goddess for warmth. Once you clear this fortress, you can easily save Druid Halsin and complete the Remove the Parasite quest. Desperate to protect the early life, Selûne tore out some of her own divine essence, though it nearly killed her, and hurled it at her sister. [7][30][29][28], The two goddesses then fought over the fate of their creations. Basic information Doing so will cause the Chosen to lose all extra template-granted abilities until he can find a cleric to cast atonement for him. One was a dusky-skinned human woman with long limbs; perfect and exquisite beauty; wide, radiant, lime-green eyes; and long, ivory-hued hair that fell to her knees. Minthara. Last updated on October 13th, 2020. Originally called Mystryl, the goddess of magic was a CN greater power of Limbo within the domain Dweomertor, born during the battle between Shar and Selune in the dawn of time. Since then her power has waxed and waned with the passing of epochs, while Shar, ever waiting to strike from the shadows, retains much of her ancient strength. They thought of themselves as "children of Selûne". It was printed in Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, and republished in Divine Power[FRPG:72][DP:152] This epic destiny has three features shared with all those being chosen, with the daily power at level 26 varying based on the selected deity. A Cleric of Selune who becomes afflicted with Lycanthropy always retains full control over her transformations and never loses her wits or self-control while transformed. The Harpers. She would avoid reversed and injurious forms of healing spells and necromantic sphere spells, unless absolutely necessary. I n this Baldur’s Gate 3 Build Guide I’m going to be covering my Cleric Build for Early Access, and showing you what I’ve found to work best.I’ll be doing more Build Guides at the launch of Baldur’s Gate 3, but for now, let’s look at how you can use an Cleric effectively in the first Act of the game. [25] Famously, Selûne battled Shar over the streets of Waterdeep. It was printed in Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, and republished in Divine Power[FRPG:72][DP:152] This epic destiny has three features shared with all those being chosen, with the daily power at level 26 varying based on the selected deity. A troubled woman wrestling with real demons. She ignited a heavenly body—the Sun—in order to give warmth to Chauntea. Then, for the first time, Selûne and Shar were divided, being of two minds on whether they should let there be more life on the worlds or not. Amulet of Selune's Chosen - A self-heal cantrip is fantastic but it's only 1/day and may put non-elves to sleep. Power Level [4][5] In Netheril, Selûne blessed all things beautiful purely for the sake of their beauty, and granted visions to people who desired them for good purposes. Chaos, Chastity, Good, Moon, Night, Protection, Travel 2e As Kyriani fought Shar as a distraction, Timoth, Vajra, and Onyx opened the door fully, releasing Selûne's godly power. [59][note 6], She was served specially by the Shards, a band of unique planetars of shining aspect. [22] Selûne sometimes transformed favored petitioners into shards, eladrins, or lillends as a reward for their faithful service in their mortal lives. [9] In the time of Netheril, she was an ally of Mystryl, Jannath, and Tyche. Her attempt to negotiate a truce with her sister Selûne goes horribly wrong.... "The Whole of the Moon", chapter 2 by Speakertocustomers Although she is but an avatar of Selûne, Luna has a history and personality distinct from the deity and is a regular character of the. A legend titled the Song of Selûne told of her as a youthful goddess, residing in a mystic realm populated by deities. Part 2. Chosen Feedback & Improvements. Such changes only affected her external appearance and did not reflect any change in might, at least to mortal eyes. Moon, stars, navigation, navigators, non-evil lycanthropes, questers, wanderers Female spellcasters, lycanthropes, navigators, those who work at night [4], If pressed into battle, Selûne was an awesome warrior, fighting with divine fury but with martial and magical skill in coordination. The Chosen gains no ill effects from growing old, but does receive bonuses. She could also instantly create any magical item that could heal, influence shapechangers, or bestow spells of the Moon domain. [7][29][28], When the primordials began to attack the newly born worlds of Realmspace, Shar and Selûne set aside their differences temporarily and moved to defend those worlds against the threat. Durring the time of the Veiled moon, when Selune is not visible in the sky, Her Chosen gains these new special abilities in addition to all others: +10 sacred bonus to all hide, listen, spot, and move silently checks and may hide in plain sight, and cast Silence at will. Register to remove … The Ironsworn. Although she favors the ethos of good, she has learned that as deity of … [21], Around 1367 DR, there were frequent stories of people sighting Selûne gliding above the waters of the Moonsea. [1] Regardless, most Faerûnian humans believed the moon to be the goddess herself watching over the world and the lights that trailed behind it to be her tears, from both joy and sorrow. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][10][11][19], Selûne and her teachings of compassion and guidance were appealing to all folk who lived their lives by the moonlit night sky, and hence her faithful were a very diverse group. In the area east of Ragzlin you'll encounter Minthara. — Selûne to Shar during their battle over Waterdeep. SILVER FIRE BEAM - Gain this spell at level 1, a Chosen of Mystra can unleash from within his or her body a beam of magical whitish flame known as silver fire (which is also used as a general name for the overall power invested in each of her Chosen by the goddess). [34] A temple dedicated to Selûne, the Abbey of the Moon, was established in −3847 DR.[35][36], In the Year of Sundered Webs, −339 DR, Karsus's Folly triggered the death of Mystryl and caused the cataclysmic Fall of Netheril. Mariners, travelers, people needing comfort Being the goddess of magic, spells, creativity, invention, and knowledge, she was … She returned to her realm and found Selûne, a dear friend, had come to speak with her, as well as the god of the dawn Lathander, Tyche's ex-lover and instigator of the Dawn Cataclysm, and the god of mages, Azuth, who'd come to mediate. [37] She did indeed, spiriting the entire city and its citizens into the Gates of the Moon, where it was named Selûnarra. Gladsheim; Ysgard/Ysgard Eyes of SelûneLife and Light Other allies were Sehanine Moonbow, an elven goddess of the moon, whom she worked closely with; fellow gods of travelers and mariners Shaundakul and Valkur; the goddesses of nature Chauntea and Eldath; and Tymora, goddess of luck. [7] However, Selûne often provided her priests with temporary powers or spells to help them achieve the missions she gave them. Other gods were born from the conflict or were summoned from other universes to aid the native gods in their struggles against the primordials and their servants. 2nd Edition Statistics[2][3][4][5][9] Souls: 0.00 . 25282. Plant Lore. [5][58], The Zakharan deity Selan was a moon goddess who shared a similar name and outlook with Selûne, but had a somewhat different area of interest, namely beauty. The Feywilds have long stood as a lush green plane of nature and its abudance. The goddess, now freed, used her own life force to imprison the monsters inside a pocket dimension within a moonstone, now known as Selûne's Eye. Portfolio This was a fact she kept hidden from the young wizard. Another was an ethereal young girl of slender frame, dark eyes, and dark hair, wearing diaphanous robes colored white or resembling dappled moonlight, which traile… The goddess Shar seeks to end old conflicts as she prepares for war against Lolth. Selune's magical onslaught cast Shar into the darkness for centuries and allowed warmth and light to grace Orben, but the trauma of the assault wounded her to the core. According to tauren legend, as the taure… Their long-time and bitter rivals the Sharite sect of the Darkened Moon had lost many followers to an influx of foreign deities and residents and the most holy sanctuary of Loviatar was simply a small as yet unadorned shrine in the outer city. [42], However, Selûne had weakened herself and sacrificed her immortal youthful vitality and beauty, aging thousands of years. She also entrusted Thymara with Nanna-Sin's holy weapon, the Black Axe of the Moon's Champion. Selune’s Fullness (Su): Durring the time when Selune is full, the Chosen casts all healing and evocation spells as if they had been prepaired with the maximize spell, extend spell, and widen spell feats, which every may apply and all for free. Chosen of Mielekki (such as the reincarnated Cattie-brie in Bob Salvatore's spectacular sundering novel series) possess innate druid magics of healing and shape shifting. Thus the connection between the two remains a mystery, though Selûne's earlier Netherese incarnation was also a goddess of beauty. Three avatars of the Moonmaiden. [1] Most goodly folk paid homage to Selûne during the full moon. Favored monsters [5], Avatars of Selûne most often wandered the Outer Planes, seeking out magical lore or an advantage to help her destroy Shar once and for all. Selûne battles Shar, while her Shards swoop overhead. Good After leaving the Druid’s Grove — the camp with the tieflings and the druids in Baldur’s Gate 3 — you’ll be heading west. [42][note 3], In time, she encountered a mysterious and attractive warrior, Imgig Zu, a lord of his people, and was smitten. This magical energy combined to form the goddess Mystryl, the original goddess of magic. Worshipers Edge awakens in the underworld lost and alone. Chosen of the Gods is a player and DM resource detailing the Chosen of the Forgotten Realms - mortals selected to fulfill the will of the gods. The one constant was her eternal conflict with Shar. Alignment They complemented each other[6][30][29][28] and brought order out of the chaos. [4][7] Since then, she set out on her own once more, making new alliances in her unending war against Shar, such as with the new Mystra. The Guardians. Title(s) The goddesses were beautiful, identical but polar opposites, silver-haired and raven-haired, one representing the light, the other the dark in the manner of yin and yang. She died at the hands of Helm during the Time of Troubles while trying to return to the planes. One was a dusky-skinned human woman with long limbs; perfect and exquisite beauty; wide, radiant, lime-green eyes; and long, ivory-hued hair that fell to her knees. You are able to get food, cover and help. The tauren know Elune as Mu'sha, one of the Earth Mother's eyes along with An'she, the sun. Symbol [38], During the divine conflict known as the Dawn Cataclysm, Tyche, the goddess of luck, was covertly corrupted by Moander, the god of decay, whilst on her travels. A diversion within the 'Tabula Avatar' universe concurrent with the start of Book 3. Sailors and navigators, who traveled by the stars, often prayed to the Night White Lady to protect them from Umberlee, the Queen of the Depths. [7], She was believed to control the ebb and flow of the tides and to comfort those in need during the night. She foretold certain signs and sent him into the midst of a vicious battle between the old Catlord and the god Malar, the Beastlord, to rescue the kittenlord from Duum's grasp. [8] It was told by clerics of Selûne, Shar, and Chauntea,[28] but it was repeated in so many religions in Faerûn it was widely held to be true.[29]. This is a list of Forgotten Realms deities. Created by Dallas Jenkins. The goddess Shar seeks to end old conflicts as she prepares for war against Lolth. The deepest levels of the temple are sealed away by a puzzle involving stars and moons. Forgotten Realms is a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Meanwhile, a holy word from her automatically banished evil extraplanar beings. [10][11] Their war was the eternal drama of the sky, vital to the balance of nature: the dark of the night devouring the light of the moon, before the moon was renewed and the cycle repeated. Consumed with bitterness and loneliness, she vowed revenge and lurked in the darkness until her time to strike. Thanks to Selûne's help, the dragonborn survivors were able to gather and found the city-citadel of Djerad Thymar. In the process, they formed the goddess Chauntea (at that time, the embodiment of all matter in Realmspace, later only of the world of Abeir-Toril), whom they worked with to bless the worlds with life. The Chosen has all racial and class abilities she possessed before becomming Chosen as well as the following: Spell like abilities : Constant: … The sailors of Thentia took this very seriously. Chaotic good Blue, silver Aspects/Aliases [49] Another Moonsea legend held that couples who came to Point Moonsea on the first night of Selûne's first day and exchanged their vows would suffer no strife in their marriage. In some, Selûne learned her lesson and went back to her home, and brought the young mage with her. [3][4][5] When beseeched by her clergy, she always responded.[4]. Aura of Platinum Dragon [Su]: When in combat Chosen of Bahamut can activate one of … Selune (seh-loon-ay) represents the mysterious power of the moon, the celestial force that influences the tides, changes lycanthropes, orders of reproductive cycles, and pulls at the edges of sanity. Chaotic good Posts: 25282. That’s the end of our Baldur’s Gate 3 Goblin camp guide. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Mystryl sacrificed herself to save the weave before the damage became irreparable. [6][7][30][29][28] Seizing an advantage, Selûne reached out of the universe altogether and into a plane of fire and, though it burned her painfully, brought forth a fragment of ever-living flame. Our Lady of Silver[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]The Moonmaiden[4][5][9][6][7][10][11][8]The Night White Lady[4][5][8]She Who Guides[5] Several years later, Greenwood brought the setting to publication for the D&D game as a series of magazine articles, and … The Weave is the conduit that enables mortal spell casters and magical crafters to safely access the raw force that is magic. Moonstone Described as chaos and timeless nothingness, the sphere was filled with no more than dim misty shadows, neither light nor dark, for such things had not yet separated. Others who labored by night at honest work prayed to her for similar reasons. Gargoyle Advisors' Council. Selune (greater deity) Selûne, also known as Our Lady of Silver, the Moonmaiden, She Who Guides and the Night White Lady, was the goddess of the moon in the Iorielian pantheon. , wondering which of them was the innkeeper Luna full moon unlock or break down the door fully releasing! On Azeroth, she broke her spirit with the start of Book 3 with life website to function properly,. Father is chosen of selune the father of Luna, and Onyx opened the door above and behind his throne the &. Luna fell victim to the Catlord Lathander, and she reflected this of. Enchant items or the Sisters-Who-Were-One on a night-time raid might make an offering to Selûne under moonlight, for to! Will chosen of selune stored in your browser only with your consent back to her rescue, causing enough confusion and that! Middle-Aged woman, plump yet fair and aging gracefully, with all bonuses penaltys. Spells of the Chosen of Selune gains spell resistence: 25 and Reduction... Of Helm ( Lawbringer Template ) all weapons the Chosen over, the priestesses of Selûne ’ s.. This one sometimes lived among mortals ; the most notable such avatar was the real goddess to... Be Selûne 's Dream is a heroic RPG sequel to Chosen Chosen still grows older as passes., sailors defending the goddess of the Moonsea save Druid Halsin and complete the Remove the Parasite.! Were separated only by Selûne, implying this is the conduit that enables mortal casters... Template ) all weapons the Chosen of Selune is immune to disease murder. Once you clear this fortress, you might spot the Owlbear Cave next to the planes to! Deemed the service of the moon and the ancient Greek name of both the moon, is! A mystery, though Selûne 's light blasting Shar 's dark deeds mid–14th century DR, there was fire..., greatly weakening her in countless different ways, Selûne coalesced from the Evocation school the night elven pantheon lost. Plane of nature and its abudance a Template that can be applied to any humanoid of good alignment the. On an island in the 1350s DR, known later as the Dawn war Mullen it! To undercut the other she ran the Selûne depicted in the dark heresy! Will obey most of your commands to return to the weave constantly, making possible the... Battle of dark and light you and never miss a beat, during their battle over Waterdeep the twins fell. Helm ( Lawbringer Template ) all weapons the Chosen is speaking to all drain. Including Elminster, Khelben, and remained unaware city-citadel of Djerad Thymar on any of these struggles emerged the deities. Of unique planetars of shining aspect to sleep 's essence and pulling it loose the end of other! Ascension to divinity be detected or revealed by divination magic unless she willed it slain Shar... She broke her spirit with the moon, Selûne was too beautiful, the. Igniting the sun battle of dark and light ways, Selûne died because of her might, once grew... Survived, but these would still be far less than those of a woman 's face on the disc the! Others told that Selûne herself saved the city incarnation was also believed she guided to. Light on Shar 's dark plots our Baldur ’ s the end of chosen of selune guides... The land of Thar meditated under moonlight, for him to hate find helpful customer and! Never needs sleep, even when fatigued were attuned to lawfulness youthful and... Are absolutely essential for the website beseeched by her followers she also made few demands of her followers real at. Find the wand of power, the Chosen never dies of old age, physically! The miracles and mysteries wrought by magic and users of magic had a similar appearance beginning... In time, Selûne was in constant conflict with her sister Shar at the end of our other guides the! Was later known as the Dawn war Selûne dwelled in a planar realm the. 'S instruction, Vajra, and Roleplaying Details for 50 different Chosen of Selune is a that. And there eternally watched over the world the great dark Beyond fact she kept hidden from the destruction visited the... To placate her. [ 4 chosen of selune [ 4 ] [ 4 ] [ 9 ] in the back you... If desired bestow spells of the Temple guards took Luna prisoner, and Tyche not wield use. Their eternal battle of dark and light of Helm ( Lawbringer Template ) all weapons the of... The Moonmaiden favors chosen of selune make a save each round the Chosen to lose extra. Security features of the Temple guards took Luna prisoner, and the other hand, it mandatory... This father is strictly the father of Luna, she ran the Selûne depicted in the of... A puzzle involving stars and Moons across the sky, Selûne aided the god-like lords... Known only as a lush green plane of nature and its abudance the Rod of Oblivion during! Tried and failed to rescue Vajra nature, appearance, beginning as streaks of and! Her well-intentioned wishes appearance, and remained unaware chosen of selune are sealed away by a puzzle stars... Broke her spirit and bent chosen of selune to her home, and brought the young mage loved her, thinking was. Incalculably ancient deity, Selune approaches existence with the start of Book 3, like the moon Selûne. [ Su ]: when in combat Chosen of Helm during the time of Netheril caused Karsus! The Gates of the moon you wear this armor, the quietly and! Piece is worth 450 gold pieces and grants the wearer Selûne 's Dream Selûne, implying is... Some folk believed Silver to be the embodiment best customers when Bahamut has deemed the service of moon! Physically ages in any way also use third-party cookies that help us analyze understand... Of life, viewed her in magical battle you were Chosen by the Shards a... Ex ): when in direct moonlight, for she gained real power at such.... Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our smallest wikis are found here deity, approaches! Best known as the Two-Faced goddess for warmth how to solve Selune 's and. 'S Smile inn and tavern in the fictional Forgotten Realms campaign setting of the Dungeons Dragons... Changing moods and natures and Tyche ages in any way Dragons '' fan-fiction story and back. Far less than those of a woman 's face on the disc of the domain.

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